The mom behind Petit&Jolie

I, Esther, founded Petit & Jolie founded in 2013. Very cliche, but my first pregnancy was the inspiration for Petit & Jolie. At that time I had a reality check. You become suddenly very conscious of the fragility of your baby and the dependence on the choice you make as a parent. The sweetest little one with a whole future ahead ….

The result was that I got even more to think about what I’m doing and why, what products I use and why. And where does a product come from? And where does it go when we finish using it? These two aspects have led me to go looking for honest, pure and organic products for babies, children and pregnant women. However, offered many products during pregnancy, few products are organic, natural and / or qualitative. My question was, why not? The beginning of a life so valuable but also vulnerable.

That was the beginning and Petit&Jolie was born. Petit&Jolie stands for high quality products that are both good for your baby but also good to the environment. And why body care products? Because I love to take a bath with my little ones. It is our time to relax, a real us-time! And you surely do not want to ruin it with products you do not know what’s inside, don’t you?

Care free enjoyment, that is magic!