Children are our future!

Petit&Jolie believes in truthful and open communication about personal care products, especially for baby products. It is important to know what you are rubbing into your body, and that there is more to personal care products than just a pleasant scent. Petit&Jolie finds it just as important (if not more important J) that the products also support and soothe the skin. We see our children as the future, and we feel that we have a certain responsibility towards them for the planet we all share. What kind of substances, for instance, find their way into our environment? What can we do, as Petit&Jolie, to combat this sort of pollution as effectively as possible? To start with, the production, use and the degradation process of care products must be in harmony with nature. Without the natural environment, there will be no future. So every day we fight hard to create a product that is good for mankind and does not harm the planet. And when you find the right balance, the bath ritual turns into a truly carefree experience.​

Petit&Jolie thinks that it is important to care for baby’s skin properly. Not only because we’re mad about babies, but also because our little ones need that little bit extra. Did you know that a baby’s skin is only 20% – 25% as thick as the skin of an adult, and that it produces less sebum? That makes a baby’s skin more prone to irritation. In addition, the skin cells of a baby are less closely knitted together than an adult’s skin cells, and the outer layer, the epidermis, is far more delicate. In other words, the skin of a baby is more ‘open’ than the skin of an adult and absorbs substances more readily than an adult’s. In the case of an adult this is already 60%, so you would be right to want to be certain about what you are rubbing into baby’s skin!

There’s a good reason why our motto is: ‘something that is pure should stay that way …’

Petit&Jolie was established by Esther Keddeman in 2013. She is living in Utrecht, The Netherlands and mother of a boy and a girl. Who are her inspiration and love of her life