Petit&Jolie believes that a relaxed child is a happy child. That is why we like to create a relaxing moment for children. Relax and let go. The ultimate goal is that a parent can relax with them. ‘Happy parent, happy kid’

We believe it is important to communicate honestly and openly about (baby) care products. It is important that you know what you are applying, what function a product has and what it really does for the skin. But also what a product is made of and what consequences it has when it is used. The life circle of a product must be correct and in balance with the environment.

Why is Petit&Jolie special for babies and children?

Babies and children are pure and develop very quickly. We think it is very special to be able to contribute to this development by making a contribution, no matter how small.

Another aspect is that baby skin is four to five times thinner than adult skin and can produce less sebum than adults. This makes the baby’s skin more sensitive to irritations. Skin irritations can be very annoying.

A baby’s skin cells are also less densely packed than adult skin and the stratum corneum is less thick. In other words, baby skin is even more ‘open’ than adult skin. As a result, substances are absorbed more easily by baby skin than by adult skin. And for adults this is already 60%. In other words, you want to know what you are putting on your little one’s skin!

There are therefore many reasons to ensure a nice line of skincare products that have been developed for baby and children’s skin. Which is mild for the skin and nature.

Petit&Jolie was established by Esther Keddeman in 2013. She is living in Utrecht, The Netherlands and mother of a boy and a girl. Who are her inspiration and love of her life