Terms and conditions
for deliveries to Petit&Jolie consumer

article 1- company data
1. Petit&Jolie is registered at the Chamber of Commerce in Utrecht. The Chamber of Commerce number is 58795731, VAT number is NL 8531.85.098 B01.
2. If you have any questions, please contact us through e-mail to info@petitetjolie.nl

article 2- definitions
1. Petit&Jolie is the user of these terms and conditions and operator of the Petit&Jolie Webshop.
2. Consumer is the natural person who, Affairs of Petit&Jolie decreases and not acting in the exercise of job and company.
3. The agreement is valid until the time of delivery.

article 3 – general
1. These conditions shall apply to each and every offer, tender and agreement between Petit&Jolie and consumer of Petit&Jolie Webshop.
2. Any deviations from these conditions shall only be valid if explicitly agreed.
3. The applicability of any other terms and conditions of consumer are expressly rejected.
4. If one or more provisions of these general terms and conditions be void or destroyed the remaining provisions of these general terms and conditions apply.
5. If one or more of the provisions of these general conditions or any other agreement with Petit&Jolie in with a mandatory statutory provision or any applicable legal provision, the relevant provision will lapse and will be replaced by Petit&Jolie adopt new legally permissible, and similar provision.

article 4 – prices & method of payment
1. All prices are listed in euros inclusive of VAT and exclusive of postage. Postal charges are to be borne by the consumer.
2. Petit&Jolie has the right to change prices, its sales when it deems this appropriate.
3. When placing an order, the postage will be charged separately on the invoice.
4. Only through the invoice of Petit&Jolie Webshop can be paid in advance via iDeal or by bank transfer. After receipt of the payment is by Petit&Jolie proceeded to dispatch of the order.

article 5 – availability products/delivery time
1. If all products of an order are in stock and shipping within the Netherlands is the order will be delivered within 5 working days.
2. If items are not in stock you will be informed about custom within 2 business days delivery date and any partial deliveries.
3. If a (partial) delivery can be made within 7 working days the order will be automatically cancelled and the consumer will be informed without delay by email. If the (partial) delivery was canceled the consumer refund within 7 working days.

article 6 – mode of transmission
1. All deliveries are sent by TNT-post. The risk of damage or loss during transport is borne by the consumer.

article 7-trial period and right of withdrawal
1. For orders made via the webshop are subject to a trial period. The trial period is fourteen (14) working days. This means that the consumer within 14 working days after receipt of the items you can think of and the agreement without giving any reason.
For the consumables are in the original, unopened and undamaged packaging should be provided, at the commodity, the packing slip/invoice you should also include your name, name and address and account number to be embedded.
Send articles to:
Petit & Jolie B.V.
Hooghiemstraplein 70
3514 AX Utrecht
Returns within this period items are fully reimbursed by Petit&Jolie.
2. reimbursement following a return shipment occurs after receipt of the order within fourteen (14) days on the indicated account number by the consumer.
3. Postage costs for the return shipment shall be paid by the consumer.

article 8 – warranty
1. Petit&Jolie guarantees that its products are prepared with the greatest care from only the best ingredients. If, however, something is not to the product than you can the remainder in the original packaging to return to:
Petit&Jolie B.V.
Hooghiemstraplein 70
3514 AX Utrecht
Be clear what the complaint is. If your complaint is found you will receive free of charge a replacement product.
2. Any reimbursement of damage caused by failure to comply with the specifications of a product is limited at all times to the value of the replacement product.
3. Petit&Jolie connect each damage which directly or indirectly from the (incorrect) use of its products.

article 9 – privacy
1. Petit&Jolie takes great care when handling of personal data in accordance with the provisions of the Dutch laws and regulations about this.
2. all information which Petit&Jolie available in the framework of the website or the webshop is only used for the purpose for which the consumer has provided this information.
3. personal information of consumers is never made available to third parties, other than the competent authority.

article 10 – disputes
1. On all transactions via the website or the Web shop come about is just the Dutch law is applicable.
2. only the General Hotel policies for Petit&Jolie apply to purchases made through this website.
3. complaints about products or about the service within 30 days of receipt.
Price changes and publication errors explicitly reserved.

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