The base of the products:

• All products are made from natural ingredients and if possible, the natural ingredients are from organic agriculture

• All products are certified by BDIH / IONC (Federal Association of Industry and Commerce Unternehmen or International Organic and Natural Cosmetics Corporation).

Apricot oil: apricot oil is a mild oil, which is suitable for dry and sensitive skin. It promotes the elasticity of the skin.

Almond oil: almond oil is rich oil, which also regulates moisture and reduces skin irritations.

Beeswax: beeswax works moisturizing and forms a waterproof barrier for the skin.

Jojoba oil: Jojoba oil is a rich oil, which are also anti-inflammatory works and ideal for sensitive skin.

Honeysuckle extract: the Honeysuckle extract helps to cleanse the skin and is also a preservative.

Coconut oil: coconut oil is the basis of many different ingredients needed for cleaning, stabilizer and emulsifier.

Perfume: structure of natuurijke essential oils without allergens

Red beet extract: beetroot contain different minerals and vitamins

Rosemary extract: rosemary provides muscle relaxation.

Sage extract: sage works anti-septic and astringent and helps with perspiration. It works stimulating and cleansing on the (main) skin and soothes sore muscles

Sphenanthera schizandra Fruit extract: schizandra Berry has anti-inflammatory and sedative properties.

Sesame oil: sesame oil is a natural preservative, contains many beneficial substances and protects the lipid in the skin. There is also a delightful nutty smell.

Shea Butter: hydrates the skin, improves blood circulation and stimulates the skin’s elasticity

Squalane: promotes the fluid balance and elasticity of the skin; derived from vegetable oils

Vanilla extract: the sugars in vanilla as a humectant. A humectant is a movie on the skin, causing fluid loss.

Vitamin E (tocopherol): vitamin E is used as a preservative.

Frankincense extract: frankincense extract is anti-inflammatory and stimulates blood circulation in the skin.

Wool grease/wool: wool grease/wool is the perfect moisturizer for dry skin. It binds the moisture on the skin and keeps it there. It also displays a protective layer, while the skin can breathe anyway and normal functions.

Sunflower oil: it is a very rich sunflower oil used. This supports the cleaning and care of the skin.

Salt: salt helps the soaps too much fat from the skin, dead skin cells and dirt. They do that in a gentle way and ensure that your skin remains soft and pleasant to the touch.

What is BDIH / IONC?

BDIH / IONC is an independent organization for certification of natural cosmetics. The BDIH standard is intended, that the term “natural” to define cosmetics, in the interests of the consumer. In this way, the label indicates whether the term ‘natural’ cosmetics factually correct, thereby creating transparency.

It guarantees consumers that certified products are only made from materials that correspond to the strict specifications of BDIH / IONC, called “Natural Cosmetic standard”. Independent supervisory authorities monitor the pending natural cosmetic products based on their ingredients and composition. Only products that meet the strict criteria carries the label “BDIH standard” for certified natural cosmetics.

The standard describes requirements, which relate to the purchase or production of cosmetics raw materials and their processing. Here the interests of animals and the protection of species given special attention.

Since its official launch in the spring of 2001 to date, approximately 5,000 products have been checked. A regular check of the products ensures that the consumer gets in terms of naturalness, what he expected: True Natural Cosmetics – in harmony with man and nature!
In addition, the label must ensure fair competition between producers and distributors of natural cosmetics.

BDIH Standard IONC