New Life Home Trust

Petit&Jolie wants to do more than only develop products. For that reason Petit&Jolie supports the New Life Home Trust organization in Kenia.

What is New Life Home Trust?

New Life Home Trust has been founded by Clive and Mary Beckenham in 1994 and it takes care of lost and sick babies and children in Kenia. For that purpose New Life Home Trust runs a special home as hospitals are not the proper place to raise and educate those children. They need their own place where sufficient time and space can be given for personal care and love. New life Home trust is supported by many volunteers and donors.

Why do we donate to New Life Home Trust?

Friends of Esther Keddeman (founder of Petit&Jolie) has adopted a child of New Life Home Trust. Their happiness and their stories about the loving care and passion for the kids, touched Esther. A small organisation likes this deserved all supports. The fact that Esther is born in Zambia and loves the continent, made the link complete.


Find more information about New Life Home Trust at or on there facebookpage